Jacob Shaw

„I first met Professor Julius Berger in Salzburg at the summer masterclasses – I had just turned 18 years old.
In that short time I knew it immediately – here was someone that was going to have a huge influence on me not only cellistically, but as a musician, and more importantly as a human being. During that first week together, Julius not only taught me cello but even more importantly also how to treat those around you.

The natural move after finishing my studies in Paris was to move full time to study with Julius, where I stayed for 4 more years under his tuition, and wow, what an experience that was!!

Not only did Julius take me to play alongside him in festivals such as Kronberg and Lockenhaus as well as concert trips, he introduced me to foundations that supported my studies financially, introduced me to highly inspiring musicians such as Sofia Gubaidulina, whilst also preparing me for international competitions and recording projects.

Eventually culminating all these things together, he gave me my first permanent position: A very small job working for the university organising seminars, masterclasses, which eventually blossomed into organising an elite Junior Academy for exceptionally gifted young cellists where I taught alongside him.

After this, career possibilities became open to me outside Germany, influencing my decision to leave the country – but without a doubt it was a direct result of all these experiences given to me directly from Julius that allowed me to develop my career in the right direction. He was highly responsible in my development and most importantly helping me to discover what my role could be in a highly competitive musical world.“