Music for my cello

Mastercellist Julius Berger is a champion of contemporary music and he is very closely connected and works Together with composers. Composers love to dedicate their works for cello to Berger.

“These were always the great moments in my life: when I held a work written especially for me in my hands for the first time; when I tried to tune into mysteries and hidden meanings with my cello; when the doors opened up to a new space that had never been there before. The effect on me was always spellbinding. The horizontal dimension of this path through life is transformed into a vertical one. Time stands still, time becomes fundamental. This new birth holds in its hand the key to the deepest and innermost feelings. Perhaps this is why Mikis Theodorakis or Bertold Hummel fight to hold back their tears, perhaps this is why Wilhelm Killmayer seems “unendingly” faraway, perhaps this is why Krzysztof Meyer or Hermann Regner burst with joy as never before. – We embrace on the concert platform and know that in this moment we have become “one” through music.” – Julius Berger in the linernotes of “Music For My Cello’)

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